Is Suthers thinking about being governor?


Suthers: Is he really just biding his time as mayor?
  • Suthers: Is he really just biding his time as mayor?
Some time ago, someone told me that a slip of the tongue is never just a slip of the tongue, that it's a revelation of hidden thoughts.

Well, if that's true, Mayor John Suthers is coveting the idea of being governor, given his "oops" moment today.

Speaking to City Council about his proposal to raise taxes to fix the city's crummy roads, Suthers said, "The worst call I’ve had since I’ve been governor..."

He immediately caught himself and laughed. Everyone in the room did also. Suthers has vowed he won't leave the city high and dry to run for governor, but it sorta makes you wonder, eh?

Suthers resumed his statement, saying the worst call he's received since he became mayor came from a tourist who said they loved Garden of the Gods, but complained of getting a flat tire in traveling there.

Suthers wants approval of a .62 of a percent sales tax hike to raise $50 million a year for five years. City Council is likely to refer the measure to voters at the Nov. 3 election in a vote slated for Tuesday.

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