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Christy Le Lait, the executive director of the El Paso County Democratic Party, has stepped down.

In an email to local Democrats, Party Chair Kathleen Ricker explained that Le Lait and her husband are moving to Florida to be closer to her grandparents and to start " a new adventure in their life." Le Lait has led the party for six years.

While the Democratic Party is certainly an underdog in the solidly-Republican county, Le Lait has seen some victories during her tenure. Notably, Democratic state Sen. Michael Merrifield and Rep. Pete Lee were elected in 2014.

According to Ricker, the party plans to hire a new executive director by Sept. 6.

Dear El Paso County Dems,

It is with sadness and regret that I announce that Christy LeLait will be stepping down from her position as Executive Director of our Party, Sept. 30, 2015. She and her husband have bought a home on Amelia Island, Florida and will be embarking on a new adventure in their life. Christy had planned on being here through the 2016 election, but due to some extenuating circumstances, including 98 year-old grandparents who could use some help, it turned out that now is the time for them to make the move.

As you must know, I will miss Christy personally and professionally because it has been a privilege to work with her and learn so much from her these past 6 years. She has been a devoted leader who never stops unless the job is done to her satisfaction (which means perfection!). We have all benefited from her dedication and organization - she has made this Party the success it is today! We are now the County party that is looked up to around the state as the one that is known for having a first class operation. Because of her leadership and the dedication of the rest of our team, the Denver folks finally take El Paso County seriously!

Christy has been an advocate for liberal causes and for the underdog her whole life and this job was an extension of those ideals. She lived this work - it was not just a job, it was her passion!

I cannot say enough about her and what her work has meant to so many of us. We will miss her terribly but because of her organization and the structure she has built, we will move on and be a better Party for having her as our leader these past 6 years. We will be advertising for a new Executive Director immediately and plan to have someone in place by Sept. 6. We will start the new person out as a 3 day a week director for the Fall and then hope to have that ramped up to full time by Jan. 15, 2016.

Please join the Officers and Executive Committee on Aug 29th at my house; the summer garden party will be a celebration and thank you for all she has done.

You will have an opportunity to send tributes to her in the form of a book we will create so look for an announcement about that soon. Most importantly, buy your ticket for the Party so we can make plans!!

Thanks again to you, our constituents, who make my work and Christy's such a pleasure to do. With all of your support and commitment we will get through this transition and win big in November 2016!

Democratically yours,

Kathleen S. Ricker
Chair, El Paso County Democratic Party

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