Local survey on summertime in the Rockies released



Local marketing agency Andrew Hershberger Creative recently released a survey of some 260 respondents on how they summer in the Pikes Peak region. 

"We’re talking craft beers, side-street venues, farm-fresh veggies, funky festivals, artisan boutiques and all the rest," reads the introduction. "Yep, all those one-of-a-kind, only-here, quirky and creative enterprises that ignite our sense of community and make us who we are. We love it all and we thrive on partnerships with the people and organizations who are out there every day, creating, building, entertaining, and inspiring."

Some results:

• 51.6 percent of respondents are heading out of town for their summer getaway.

• Almost 87 percent will attend at least one summer festival, like Springs Spree.

• 33.9 percent would spend a Saturday in July hiking or biking, while 2.2 percent volunteer.

• Surprising no one, Garden of the Gods is first in local attractions. 85.6 percent of people would take out-of-town guests there first.

• The Indy was the most referenced place to find local events. (We love you too.)

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