Bike to Work Day: Now I just have to get home


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Today was Bike to Work Day, and the timing was not exactly great.

My allergies have been so bad that I stayed home from work yesterday. I was pretty tired when I hopped on my bike this morning and rode from Manitou Springs to downtown. Thankfully, it's downhill.

When I arrived at work, I read that an off-duty police officer had been hit on his bike. According to the police blotter, which lists the time of the crash as 6:35 a.m., "The Bicyclist suffered non life threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital for evaulation [sic] and care. The Motorist was cited for careless driving causing bodily injury and failure to yield." 

Well, my ride wasn't that bad. Aside from the copious ragweed, actually, it was fairly pleasant. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. The golden morning sunlight was sparkly with bits of cotton from the trees. 

I didn't make it out to ride with the mayor. (Sorry, but I'm just not masochistic enough to get up in time for a 5:45 a.m. bike ride.) I didn't go to the free breakfast either — because I have food allergies. But I did the ride. And really, it wasn't bad.

This evening, however, looks less pleasant. The rain clouds have moved in.

It's sort of refreshing, though, to be a part of the world in this way. Normally, when I'm driving, the worst a rain cloud is going to do to me is dampen my clothes as I rush to the car. When you're on bike, you're suddenly a part of nature again. You're at its mercy. When you're wet and cold, that's sort of a bad thing. But at the same time, there's something refreshing about it. You become more observant of the world around you. You break out of your bubble. 

So, tonight, as I ride up the hill back home, I'm going to try to appreciate the weather. The ragweed, however...

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