It's sandbag party time


  • Steven Depolo

Technically, it's barbecue season.

I wait for this ALL YEAR. Backyard parties. Rolling in the grass. Sunburns. Watermelon. Children with water guns. Ribs. Dogs biting sprinklers. Badly-played badminton. Inflatable pools filled with slowly dying insects.

Summer. I love summer

Unfortunately, it's only technically barbecue season. Really, it's raining buckets. Rolling around in the grass while gobbling your meal off a thin paper plate really isn't advisable. Sigh. So, for this rainy summer, I think we all need a new plan. Instead of barbecues, we can have sandbag parties. 

Hear me out. You go get free sandbags from the city or county and load them in your truck. Then you invite over all your friends, get them slightly tipsy, and convince them to barricade your basement. You get to hang out with your friends and the next time it rains (bonus!), your basement is bone dry. This seems like a win to me.

Here's where to get the sandbags:
FREE Sandbags available to protect homes from potential flooding

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Colorado Springs residents can pick up FREE unfilled sandbags to help protect their homes from potential flooding at four Colorado Springs Fire stations (while supplies last).

Fire Station 5 – 2830 W. Colorado Ave.
Fire Station 9 – 622 Garden of the Gods Rd.
Fire Station 12 – 445 Rockrimmon Blvd.
Fire Station 13 – 1475 Cresta Rd

Free sand to fill sandbags is available at no cost in the parking lot of Wilson United Methodist Church, 6460 Flying W Ranch Rd while supplies last.

If you are a resident picking up sandbags at these locations, please know:

These bags are not filled with sand. Only the four fire stations listed above will have the bags, no other fire stations will have the bags available.

Our fire stations will be in service and may not be at the station when you come to pick up the bags. We ask that you either wait for their return or try stopping by at a different time.

You will need to sign the Sandbag Distribution Form.

You may take 100 bags for each address per day. You may pick up more bags if you need them on a different day.

You will receive an information bag that contains: instructions on sandbag placement, Colorado Springs Emergency Preparedness Guide, and other flood information.

Additionally, 1000 sandbags and sand will be available at Security Fire Station 1, 400 Security Blvd., for citizen self-service.

Residents are advised to consult a certified erosion and sediment control consultant or contractor to manage flooding mitigation on their private property. Sandbags should not be placed in the public right-of-way. For information on potential flooding visit
Free Sandbags Now Available at Security Fire Station Number One

El Paso County, CO, June 16, 2015 – The El Paso Co Office of Emergency Management is now making free sandbags available in the Stratmoor-Security-Widefield areas for any residents impacted by flooding. The bags are available for self-service (fill your own) at Security Fire Station 1, located at 400 Security Blvd.  

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