Review extra: Barefoot in the Park by Star Bar



Our theater critic Bill Wheeler reviews more plays along the Front Range than we can fit in print; here's an excerpt from his take on Star Bar's newest show Barefoot in the Park, from his blog, Theater Colorado (bolding mine):
Director Wes Whatley balances the comedy and the conflict gracefully, making Simon’s relationships as important as the laughs.

It is those relationships that the audience will remember here. Love requires work, and that has not changed in the slightest in the last 50 years.

Neil Simon fans can now bare their claws and pounce on me at will. In my view, some of his work has not held up very well to the test of time. What was funny in 1963 seems quaint in 2015. This is not a knee-slapping, laugh-out-loud (sic) show. It is amusing. It will create some laughs and a lot of smiles, but few belly laughs. Compared to contemporary romantic comedies (Friends with Benefits, or Sex and the City, for example), Barefoot in the Park comes off as tame and quaint. A lot has changed since 1963, and Simon’s comedy has lost some of its edge.
Read the rest here, and watch for more reviews in upcoming issues.

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