But what about potholes?


Heavy rains cause rushing water along 31st Street last fall. - PAM ZUBECK
  • Pam Zubeck
  • Heavy rains cause rushing water along 31st Street last fall.
Next Tuesday, Mayor Steve Bach, on his way out of office, will ask City Council to spend $5 million from fund balance on damage caused by recent flooding.

The spending breaks down this way, according to a release:

List of Projects Public Works
Rockrimmon Channel $2,000,000
Pebblewood $750,000
262 S. Academy Box Culvert Collapse $250,000
Cottonwood Creek Grade Control failure above Academy Blvd. $350,000
Corrugated Metal Pipe failures (Delmonico, Flintridge, Sodbuster Trail) $650,000
Public Works Total $4,000,000

Pikes Peak Greenway at El Pomar Youth Sports Complex $365,000
Pikes Peak Greenway South of Janitell ‐ $1,346,000
Pikes Peak Greenway South of Janitell ‐ $3 227,000
Foothills Trail in Garden of the Gods and Dakota Trail $35,000
South Canon Trail ‐ North Cheyenne Canon $27,000
Parks Total $1,000,000

The money would come from "the General Fund Unassigned Fund Balance," which totals about $34 million.

“This recent storm damage is an example of why it is essential to maintain an appropriate level in the City’s Emergency Reserves,” Bach said in the release. “It allows us to address these significant and immediate needs our city is facing as the result of the severe weather we’ve been experiencing.”

Bach has prided himself in building up the city's reserves during his four-year term, but this will drain 15 percent from the city's reserves.

John Suthers takes office a week after the May 26 meeting at which Bach will ask for this spending. The mayoral campaign centered largely on the city's extraordinary pothole problem and dilapidated infrastructure citywide, with Suthers promising to deal with both problems when elected.

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