Denver reelects its mayor


Denver Mayor Michael Hancock sailed to any easy reelection victory last night, earning another four years in office.

In his victory speech, Hancock stressed the positives of his first term:
  • City of Denver
When we started on this journey together four years ago, the path before us was clear. Our economy, gripped by the recession, was struggling. Today, we’re back stronger than ever, creating thousands of new jobs, thousands of new businesses and breathing new life into our neighborhoods."

We resuscitated a budget that was cut to the bone and turned it around. We revived libraries that were reducing hours and added more time for children and families to enjoy our great community resources. And we reinvigorated a police force that hadn’t added new recruits in years, and turned it into more officers on the street.

Most important, we saw the gaps that existed for our children, the children that represent the future of our great city, and we created new opportunities for them to reach their God-given potential.
Hancock said his goals would be creating more affordable housing ( a major problem in Denver), more jobs, and more opportunities for kids. He also hoped to lift Denver's image on the international stage. 

Some, by the way, may remember a former popular Denver mayor: Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. 

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