Photographing the Waldo Canyon Fire


We’re heading into fire season and I want to share my story of photographing the Waldo Canyon Fire

I've photographed many wildfires in my time as a news photographer. From a safe distance they’re always a kind of spectacle, up close it’s another matter. I never got up too close to a wildfire.

That is until the Waldo Canyon Fire erupted. The worst day of the fire was Tuesday, June 26. I remember just how hot and dry it was, and watching the smoke column west of town getting larger and larger as the day went on.

In the early afternoon I grabbed my cameras, got in my car and drove to the westside. I began photographing the fire from Colorado Ave. and then I headed north on 30th Street. I stopped at Garden of the Gods Road and made this picture of the fire as it cascaded down the mountain.

  • Sean Cayton

Then I drove north on Centennial to Flying W Road and ended up on Rossmere Street. I can remember just how thick the smoke was. A deep red glow was emanating from it. After a minute outside and couple of pictures later, I decided that whatever picture was to be made was better left unmade. 

I almost never saw flames. But as I was leaving the Mountain Shadows neighborhood, I glanced into my rear view mirror and saw a wall of fire as high as my car. Later, I watched the TV news report on the devastation and realized just how close I was to becoming a cooked goose. It’s a lesson I’ill keep with me. 

Photographers must take risks, but they must know when to make an exit, also. On that day, I’m glad — and so is my wife — that I made the right decision.

Of all of the wildfires I’ve photographed, I can’t remember seeing as much destruction on a single day. And I hope to never witness another day like that in Colorado Springs in my lifetime.

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