UPDATE: Makepeace: Remove the lock on the mayor's office


UPDATE: This blog has been updated to reflect that Larry Bagley, representing District 2, also was sworn into office. 

Also, mail ballots in the mayoral runoff election will be mailed starting April 28.

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Today, two new and one returning City Council members took the oath of office at the City Auditorium, and the event drew quite a crowd. Tom Strand and Bill Murray and Larry Bagley were sworn in, along with incumbent Merv Bennett, who will serve as Council president.
Makepeace: Plans a listening tour. - FILE PHOTO
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  • Makepeace: Plans a listening tour.
Spotted in the crowd was John Suthers, who's in a mayoral runoff with former mayor Mary Lou Makepeace. We didn't see Makepeace there, but Suthers made the rounds among the 100-plus people who attended. Even as the food tables were cleared, Suthers remained chatting with city staff.

Meantime, Makepeace held a town hall meeting on Tuesday night at which she discussed details of her vision for Colorado Springs and its future and listed the actions she would take in her first 36 days in office. They are:
1. Remove the lock from the mayor’s office door.
2. Reassign the CSPD officer from “guarding” the mayor to regular duty of fighting crime.
3. Perform an exhaustive review of city finances.
4. Declare Pothole Elimination the top, immediate priority, and mobilize finances, staff, and City
Council to accomplish. Later, develop a plan to finance routine maintenance and more comprehensive road repair.
5. Establish satellite mayor’s office at City Hall to facilitate communication between the mayor and City Council.
6. Attend City Council meeting as an ex-officio member.
7. Meet with individual council members to hear their ideas, concerns, and visions.
8. Meet with senior staff to hear their concerns and ideas for the future, and to share my values of customer service, transparency, and innovation.
9. Conduct a listening tour with city staff.
10. Review all active outsourcing agreements to determine if they’re beneficial to taxpayers.
11. Arrange briefing for the mayor, senior staff, and interested council members on Open Meetings and Open Records Acts, with the goal of ensuring compliance and increased transparency.
12 Attend district meetings, with the council member from that district, to hear from citizens and to demonstrate collaboration between the council and the mayor.
13. Convene a retreat with the mayor and City Council to discuss our working relationship and past points of contention, with a goal of outlining responsibilities.
14. Identify and eliminate barriers to council and mayor collaboration, with the goal of enhanced performance on behalf of the community.
15. Establish a Technology Task Force, to bring the city’s use of technology into the 21st Century, with the goal of better serving the citizens and improving transparency.
16. Meet with business community representatives to develop a coordinated approach to job creation that demonstrates that Colorado Springs is Open for Business.
17. Begin dialogue with small business representatives to determine how the city can help create an environment that promotes local business growth and success.
18. Meet with representatives of groups working on the Legacy Loop, the Pikes Peak Greenway, Ring the Peak, enhanced biking opportunities, trails and open space, and recreational use of water to determine how the mayor’s office can help get these efforts DONE!
19. Attend Utility Board meeting as an ex-officio member.
20. Contact CONO, arts and culture groups, young professionals, minority groups, women and LGBT organizations, transportation organizations, and others to schedule opportunities for future dialogue.
21. Re-establish Take 10 With the Mayor.
For some background on the challenge Makepeace faces in the election, check out this story. For that, we had invited Suthers to provide some details of his vision, but he never got back.

The Independent has endorsed Makepeace in the mayoral race.

Information about how to vote in the all-mail election on May 19 is found here.

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