Thanks for playing with those cats


  • Tanya Shaw Jeffrey
No one really knows what to expect from anyone else on April Fools’ Day, Pranks abound, some funny and clever, others painfully failing.

It's a day to celebrate the witty and the gullible alike, and given that this year’s Fools’ Day fell on the same day as a new issue of the Indy, we knew we wanted in on the foolishness.

The last time we published an April Fools’ story was back in 2010. “Pikes tweak,” a story about medical meth dispensaries popping up around Colorado Springs, garnered letters and phone calls for weeks after printing. People were outraged at such an obvious sign of the apocalypse.

So the bar had been set pretty high when we posted “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty…,” Robert Meyerowitz's story on a cat park opening in Colorado Springs, on Wednesday morning. To sell it as hard as we could, we added a staged video news story.

A good portion of our readers called bullshit from the get-go, but others ... well ... 

“A cat park, with all the potholes, lack of art and culture in this damn city, and there gonna spend money on that. This city is doomed,” wrote one Facebook user.

“… just another ridiculous thing that makes me happy I left the Springs,” wrote another.

We even got a call from Kristen Hare, a reporter with Poynter, who picked Tanya Shaw Jeffrey's cover design as her Front Page of the Day.

As of this morning, the video was up to 61,000 views, while the story had gotten more than 160 Facebook "likes."

We owe a good portion of thanks to our talented friend, Stephanie Schlis, for nailing the part of crazy cat lady Felez Amare, and to those of you who may have fallen for the joke, or decided to play along. 

Thanks for reading.

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