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We live in a post 9/11 world, people. Public transit stations around the globe, none more so than airports, have increased security measures, rules and regulations in order to at the very least make us feel safe.

We complain about taking our shoes off and being selected for “random” security checks, and lament the fact that we can’t take more than a third of a tube of toothpaste and half a stick of deodorant with us in our carry-ons. Sometimes, it feels like the rules of traveling are far-fetched, ridiculous, and absurd, but there’s sound reasoning behind those TSA checkpoints.

Look no further than the TSA’s own Instagram account, @tsa, a treasure-trove of human stupidity collected into a stream of hilarious photos capturing just how awful people really are at traveling.

Exhibit A:

Keep it real, Oakland.

Exhibit B:

"Which part of my wrist-bracelet finger-spikes aren't safe?"

Of course, accompanying any given photo, is an endless stream of comments only Internet users can provide, and whomever is running this page knows how to pander to social media. Note the #TBT (Throwback Thursday).

Only sometimes do I stop and think about how terrifying the thought of a full-length katana swords on a plane really is. I'm reveling in the variety of contraband people try to get through the airport. 


Seems safe.

I don't know if we'll ever really get this whole travel safety thing down completely. But I can promise that you won't be disappointed by TSA's Instagram, unless, you know, they confiscated your novelty dynamite sticks.

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