Goodbye snow season, hello flood season


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  • Matthew Schniper

There are those of us who get excited about the holidays, fireplaces, skiing, snowboarding, quilts, and pot roasts. And then there are people like me, who hate winter because it's  cold, wet, ugly and dark.

As you can imagine, I get really excited when spring rolls around. But ever since the Waldo Canyon Fire, I've had to temper my enthusiasm a little bit. Like many of you, I live in an area vulnerable to flooding from burn-scarred hillsides. While several years of good growth on those hills, along with millions of dollars of flood control work, has made a catastrophe less likely, risks remain.

If you too live in a food flood zone, you may want to go to a city meeting to learn more about what to expect. There's one coming up on Wednesday that's tailored to the people who live in the North and South Douglas Creek area.

Read on for more information:

REMINDER: City to host Flash Flood Preparedness Community Meeting March 18

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The City of Colorado Springs Office of Emergency Management will host a resident preparedness meeting on the recovery of the Waldo Canyon Fire burn scar, and preparedness for natural disaster on Wednesday, March 18 for residents along North and South Douglas Creeks and the general public.

North and South Douglas Creek Flash Flood Preparedness Meeting
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Front Range Alliance Church
5210 Centennial Blvd.

The meeting will provide education and updated information with regard to the recovery status of the Waldo Canyon burn scar, and the city’s planned response to potential natural disasters. The presentation will also highlight ongoing flood mitigation efforts along areas impacted by the burn scar. Speakers will address key issues relating to flash flood risk in neighborhoods along North and South Douglas Creeks.


· Analysis of recovery and mitigation efforts on the Waldo Canyon Burn scar
· Weather forecasting and potential flood impact areas
· Mitigation efforts-what can you do?
· Stay Informed-Notification methods for flash flood warnings
· City Disaster Preparedness including planning and responses

The meeting location is wheelchair accessible. Reasonable accommodations for the deaf and hard of hearing through closed captioning or sign language interpreter will be provided upon request. Please notify Vickie Rodriguez at or 719-385-5957. Requests should be made by Friday, March 13to assure accommodations can be provided. Every effort will be made to fulfill requests made after March 13, but cannot be guaranteed.


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