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International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day is an awesome worldwide event featuring more than 100 breweries all brewing the same beer: United Red Ale. Each brewery is welcome to put a spin on it, but it essentially has to be a beer made with Willamette hops, measured at 4.6 percent ABV and 50 IBU.

Pikes Peak Brewing Co. in Monument is the home of our region's brew fest, where PPBC brewer Aly Hartwig will run point on the second annual collaboration. 

"The Southern Colorado Collaboration will be souring it in the kettle before the boil to give this hoppy red a slightly tart finish," reads a press release. "They will be starting their brew day at 12 pm Saturday March 7th, at the same time as New Zealand's participating breweries, and then boiling the soured wort Sunday afternoon.

"The sour kettle process takes much more time than a typical brew day and the ladies are excited for it to span over all of the participating time zones!"

Here are your participants:
Aly Hartwig and Jenna Heikkenen, Pikes Peak Brewing Co.
Gretchen Foster and Jenna Lubieniecki, Great Storm Brewing Co.
Carol White, Paradox Beer Co.
Molly Landl and Kristen Cahill, Red Leg Brewing Co.
Lynne Blesener, Tanya Boudreau, and Kristen Olsen, Bristol Brewing Co.
Niki Fields, Kayla Knowlton, Melissa Hilton, and Allee Fields, Fieldhouse Brewing Co.
Colleen Bye and Katrina Benson, Fossil Brewing Co.
Johanna Murphey, Trinity Brewing Co.
Randa Osman, Iron Bird Brewing Co.
Dottie Kabel, Brewing Science Institute
Nikki Shaw, Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado
Mary Green, Nano 108 Brewing Co.
Sarah Sheppard Shaver, Gold Camp Brewing Co.
A portion of the funds raised will benefit the Pink Boots Society. Find United Red Ale at PPBC and Brewer's Republic starting March 22, and at Bristol Brewing Co. a week later.

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