The Beatles and: Holy sh*t, is that Klingenschmitt?



New Colorado Springs state Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt may be the latest Pikes Peak embarrassment, but you've got admit the guy knows how to bait the media. Usually, it's for saying stuff so crazy you forget for a moment you're not at your parents' Thanksgiving table. Sometimes, he writes it himself, like this gem from a recent column in the Gazette:
When one neighbor sells a substance that enslaves another neighbor, deceiving them into putting substances in their body that compel them to turn over their paycheck (or their body) to get their daily fix, the government's job is not to help the slave-owner seduce more children while taking a cut of the profits, but to stop the slavery, and ban the sale.
(In case you're confused by a 62-word sentence that somehow manages to reference neighborhood slavery, lying for profit, life-limiting expenses, drug-fueled prostitution, daily addiction, more slavery and youth drug abuse, he's actually only talking about pot.)

But today, we have to give it to G-Mitt. This tweet tipped us off to Klingenschmitt doing a beautiful job of moving to dispense with the reading of yesterday's minutes by singing the motion in the style of "Yesterday."

Yesterday, all those bills we on third-reading read
Push the green for aye or no pushed red
We passed some bills just yesterday

Marilyn and her buddy Corey, they took notes
Wrote a journal to record our votes
So, yesterday is in the books

Why we have to read what we did
I couldn't say
Is there some dumb rule that we read from yesterday

Everybody laughed, one voted no, and somebody owes Paul McCartney money. Bravo.

The fun starts at 20:00.

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