New federal lawsuits seek to halt Colorado cannabis sales



Today, two federal lawsuits were filed by Safe Streets Alliance, a Washington, D.C. group with Colorado members, seeking to end the regulation of Colorado's marijuana industry. One of them focuses on land in Pueblo County. Here's the Denver Post:
In one lawsuit, plaintiffs Hope and Michael Reilly claim the construction of Rocky Mountain Organics' recreational marijuana cultivation facility at 6480 Pickney Road in Rye "interferes" with their views and plans to build a home and work space on their 105 acres of Pueblo County land. ...

In the other lawsuit, the owner of the Holiday Inn in Frisco claims its business is already suffering because of a recreational marijuana shop they say is planning on opening 75 yards from the hotel's front door.
The Post quotes University of Denver law professor Sam Kamin as saying that a lawsuit based on RICO charges, like the two here, "have to show that your business or property interest were harmed by a corrupt organization," he says. "Displeasure is not good enough."

For its part, the Marijuana Policy Project concurred with the likely success of the suit, and objected to it being brought in the first place.

“This lawsuit is misguided, and we’re doubtful it will succeed," says communications director Mason Tvert in a press release. "Colorado has no obligation to punish adults for using marijuana and every right to take steps to control it. ...

"We fail to see how our streets will be safer if we go back to having unregulated marijuana sold in homes and back alleys. Ironically, Colorado’s streets will be less safe if the Safe Streets Alliance gets its way.”

Colorado marijuana legalization lawsuit: Civil Action No. 15-349 Safe Streets Alliance lawsuit 1 by The Denver post

Colorado marijuana legalization lawsuit: Civil Action No. 15-350, Safe Streets Alliance lawsuit 2 by The Denver post

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