Jonas publishes a comic book (finally)


I've recently been in touch with one-time Colorado Springs artist Jonas McCluggage, the subject of my March, 2011 feature on The Lofty's Comic

By way of an update, and in typical, oddball but endearing fashion, he said in December that he'd been "motorcycling around the country for some months and decided to try living in Philadelphia for a spell. It's nice here. I've been learning how to box and that's fun. I've been doing some commission work here and there to cover the bills. Life's pretty peachy for now."

But the biggest news is that he's finally published a comic book: The Adventures of Jonas, which in part does feature "Colorado Springs landmark thingies." 

You can buy it here, support it here and find more of Jonas' always-amazing work here

And here's some amusing promotional materials here:




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