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And then God said, "Let there be á la carte." The Broadmoor has now created a "local's packages" for Taste & Savor weekend: 

• $350 per person for March 7 events including seminars, culinary panel discussion and evening gala.

• Limited availability to exclusive theme dinners with top beverage connoisseurs March 6.

• $220 per person for classic accommodations March 6 and/or March 7. 

To reserve, call 855/923-7447, ext. 4.

Also, to sweeten the pot: If you book a two- or three-night package by February 27, you will be automatically entered to win this trip (airfare not included). 

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Let's be clear upfront: I am in no way pretending like a $750 per-person price tag isn't a big deal to the average person. That's buy-a-new-giant-TV kind of money, or a month's rent, or many grocery store trips. 
Taste & Savor promises to be a colorful culinary experience. (Aren't you glad I didn't say "juicy"?) - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Taste & Savor promises to be a colorful culinary experience. (Aren't you glad I didn't say "juicy"?)

But let's also agree that when it comes time for a vacation, or to purchase that desired retail item for which you've been saving up, that same average person tends to make it happen. On that level, we're talking special-occasion money. 

So in that spirit, I invited Broadmoor food and beverage marketing and PR manager, Krista Heinicke — who is my professional friend — to make her best case for why a foodie type person may wish to splurge for the  inaugural Taste & Savor weekend, March 5 through 8 at our town's five-star property. Specifically, why is this a good value? 

Before sharing her reply, I should direct you to a little more info on the weekend, which is basically an orgiastic feast provided by and shared with notable food and drink faces from around the region and country. Check out this promotional video, below. 

So, back to Heinicke. 

Her first comparison: Tickets for Aspen's Food & Wine Classic, which to be fair does attract the internationally famous celebrity chefs, start at $1,350 — just for the ticket, no lodging included. 

For the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival, "spread all over city, no hotel included and transportation needed, individual event tickets top out at $500."

Next up, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival "hotel packages are offered at two different hotels and range from $2,455 to $3,841 for three-night packages. That doesn’t include flight, rental car, etc.," she says. 

Then lets talk about the cost to go see some of these guest chefs on their own turf — meaning you'd have to fly to Chicago to dine at chef Curtis Duffy's Grace, where Heinicke says "dinner starts at $205 for eight to 12 courses, not including wine, hotel or transportation." That restaurant holds three Michelin Stars, by the way, so access isn't always as easy as a walk-in; think reservations, way early.  

"How about Eater LA’s best new Chef Jessica Koslow’s restaurant SQIRL in L.A.," she continues, next rattling off a list of overall accomplishments of Taste & Savor's lineup, from James Beard awards to master sommeliers and expert cocktail makers.   

The overall point being, if you have the means, wish to rub elbows with some contemporary greats and take a vacation in your backyard, the weekend holds a lot of bang for the buck. At this time, no à la carte options are available for individual events over the weekend and there's no guarantee that any will become available, though we'll update this post closer to event time should we learn of any. 

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