Some sweet Minnesotans are blown away by Paradox Beer Co.



The almost eight-minute video is slow to develop, but if you've got the time, it's a very sweet look at a couple of beer reviewers named Rich and Pete. Located in Eden Prairie, Minn. — and vlogging under the name Rich's World Beer Tour — they are eventually overwhelmed by the power of Paradox Beer Company's Maduro Robusto, a "Scotch-barrel-aged smoky sour."

Here's how the Woodland Park brewery describes the beer: "40 year old scotch barrels impart heavy oak toast to this sour, smoky, mahogany-colored ale with hues reminiscent of air-cured tobacco. Extended aging on Spanish cedar brings spicy notes that add woody depth to this perfect sipper for the lounge. 10% ABV."

The pair don't take a sip until 3:25, the beginning minutes spent on the pour. "It's got some carbonation to it, no doubt about it," says Rich with the accent of a guy who lives five hours from the Canadian border.

Then the amazement begins: "I wonder if I'm going to have to pay royalties to have Van Halen on in the background."

OK, the beer amazement. You can almost sense them succumbing ...

• "There is a bitterness there at the end, though, as you talk and breathe."
• "There is apple, pear, cherry, tart cherry ..."
• "We're out in a cold garage. This will keep us warm."
• "About three-quarters of the way through, as she's evolving in your mouth ..."
• "It's not your typical hop bitterness. It's more of a fruity bitter tartness to it, than anything."
• "I'm going to get another one of these and throw it in the cellar."
• "I don't even know how to rate this."
• "I really don't."
• "I really like this."
• "Gang, I don't know how to rate this. ... I'm speechless."
• "I'd buy it again. I mean, it's a nine out of ten. I'd absolutely buy it again."

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