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On Monday, "31 Words Interpreted Entirely Differently In Colorado Springs," a post generated by the real estate site Movoto, graced local social media feeds. It promised a colorful collection of locally informed quips to kill the last few minutes of the work day. 

"OMG. So. True," fellow Facebookers said, "LOL. #5 I say that all the time!"

But after dragging myself through the list of all 31 words, I can't help to think that Movoto has no idea what it's talking about — and that I may need some new Facebook friends.

First, the list is more like 33 to 35 words, but that's neither here nor there. The most egregious snafus, as noted by commenters at the bottom of the post, include the Springs' meaning of "Pikes [Peak]," the mountain that juts "14,000 miles in the atmosphere," and some accompanying photos taken in Cañon City. (About 45 miles south of the Springs.)

"Springs" is listed first, even though we all call it "the Springs," followed by three Air Force Academy-related words ("Air Force," "Thunderbirds" and "Falcon"). "Incline" is No. 5 because, duh — even though it's in Manitou Springs — and "water," "Shuga" and "melodrama" all make the list, too.

Here are a few more questionable Springs definitions as provided by Movoto:
#7. Gardens: What it means in Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods, home of the craziest red rock formations you need a permit and a lot of guts to climb.
Take away the S and maybe this one could slide, though we still have gardens here at altitude.
#11. Pioneers: ... mortal enemies of the [Colorado College] Tigers.
Because everyone without ties to CC cares about this rivalry, and the Pioneers Museum is irrelevant.
#16. Balloons: The Colorado Balloon Classic, better than the best birthday party you ever wanted.
Too soon, Movoto, too soon.

At least they got a beer reference in there: Bristol. (Apparently the rest of the world thinks of Bristol Palin.)

Find all 31 words, and add your own in the comment section, here.

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