Broncos fans, 'fans,' aren’t taking yesterday’s loss very well


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The NFL season my be over for most Broncos fans but the emotional roller coaster is still playing out on Twitter as we speak. One measure of the lowness of the lows: Tebow references are alive and well. (By the way, Indy readers, don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Bronco Country is a nation divided as bandwagoners ditch the orange and blue and the media begins its field day with off season and 2016 predictions. Should Peyton stay or should he go? What happens now that John Fox is out as head coach? Will Del Rio and Gase jump ship too? This can’t be Elway’s fault, right?

One thing we do know, based on the following collection of tweets, is that Broncos “fans” and fans aren’t taking yesterday’s loss very well.

Witness the fallout live and online here.


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