UPDATE: Many a recent restaurant closure


And add yet another to the list: European Cafe (As we note below, originally the owner's son, Paul, planned to move PJ's into the European Cafe and expand on site.)

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Add one more to the list: Wild Ginger 

Here's a posting on their Facebook page dated Jan. 2: 

It's with bittersweet feelings, if like to announce that wild ginger is closed for business! It's been a long road for all of us that have been there since the beginning, and we're all thankful for the opportunity that it gave to meet some of the most wonderful customers that have turned into family. This isn't the end of WG. As of right now, we're planning on taking a little time off to be with our families and relax the way we haven't been able to since opening 17 years ago! We WILL be opening up at a new location, so look for future posts!!! We love you all, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you guys for all the support!! See you all soon!
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As currently evidenced by Phantom Canyon, not all restaurant closures are permanent. 

But the majority of the time you hear the word, it's unfortunately night-night time. 

And as reporters, it's often difficult for us to surmise the reasons behind the bye-bye because phones are already disconnected and many restaurateurs don't care to comment if and when we do track them down. Every so often, the closure's for a reason such as retirement, but overwhelmingly doors shutter for financial reasons, unsurprisingly. 

I'll make no assumptions in the case of the below establishments, but I can at least say I've tried all the phone numbers and seen enough online banter to confirm their respective departures from the scene recently. I have included a few tidbits of what we do know. In no particular order: 

• Three Delights Caribbean Grill  (A good friend who's an equal fan of chef Amos said the following: "He told me a friend of his bought Milt's and he may have access to that kitchen for dinner service, but I never got any follow up on that. I guess he used to have a food truck, so that may appear? ... If you hear of him opening up anywhere else I beg you tell me where!")

Spice of Life Café (It had sold to new owners at the beginning of last year.)

PJ's Bistro  (A Pikes Peak Bulletin article in mid December quoted owner Paul Jacubczyk as saying fire and flood economic impact had hurt him and there was also an issue with rent and a prior plan to move the business into the European Cafe's spot and expand there.) 

Smiley's Bakery and Café (This just closed this past weekend from what we're hearing. Facebook chatter implied that even staff showed up to work to find the doors locked — that the closure was quite the sudden surprise.) 
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  • Words that no faithful diner cares to see.

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