Most viewed: The top Indy stories in 2014



As the new year approached, we got curious about the most-viewed Indy stories from 2014. And in combing through hundreds of news, food & drink, arts and entertainment articles on and our mobile site, we found an interesting list of new and old, funny and sad stories that caught your eye throughout the year.

So without further ado, here are the Top 15 most viewed stories and blog posts on for 2014:

1. “Trinity Brewing insults Colorado Springs, social media responds with fury,” Bryce Crawford (12/11) 

2. “AFA stirs more religion debate,” Pam Zubeck (6/26)

3. “Shit hits the fan for Meadow Muffins,” Bill Forman (9/4) 

4. “Star treatment,” Pam Zubeck (3/11/2010) 

5. “The Tesla files,” Malcolm Howard (8/10/2000)

6. “The problem with transparency,” J. Adrian Stanley (9/10/) 

7. “Something missing?” J. Adrian Stanley (1/29) 

8. “The face of revenge porn,” Chet Hardin (1/9/2013)

9. “Kevin Bacon is scared of the Incline,” Bryce Crawford (7/2)

10. “Colorado Springs farmers markets in 2014,” Griffin Swartzell (4/2)

11. “Endorsements: From parks to personhood,”: Indy editorial board (10/15) 

12. “Man searches springs for roads, and what he finds will blow your mind,” Bryce Crawford (7/14) 

13. “The Muff reopens in Old Colorado City,” Matthew Schniper (12/2) 

14. “Manitou Springs opened to recreational marijuana today,” Bryce Crawford (7/31) 

15. “Colorado Springs is Top 10 for douchebags,” Bryce Crawford (8/8)

Here's to 2015. Thank you for reading.

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