Trinity brewer Jason Yester apologizes for comments


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It's been almost a week since Trinity Brewing Co. brewer Jason Yester insulted the beer intelligence of Colorado Springs drinkers, and then said it was reasons like finishing third in a reader's poll from Focus on the Beer that made him want to move to Denver.

In that time, locals have taken to the Internet to do what online mobs do: spread the word, post as many bad reviews in as many places as possible, and generally skewer the offender.

Though negative comments posted to the brewery's Facebook page are usually deleted by it within minutes, negative reviews have stuck around. As of this writing, 101 one-star reviews have been written, with the most recent coming an hour ago. It's the same story on Yelp and Twitter.

It's in this environment that Yester spoke to the Gazette yesterday, offering this: "I will definitely apologize to the city thinking I said it was a stupid population," he said. "That was never my intent. I think these beers take a lot of education and a lot of studying and a lot of tasting to really grasp."

Yester added: "We're constantly being ignored by this town for accolades, and I make a few tweets and the town's all over it."

Judging by comments left on the Gazette's Facebook page, readers weren't impressed, with most echoing the sentiment of user Nora Seltz: "Way to back peddle, without actually apologizing."

On a side note, Yester's comments are especially interesting considering he took to social media to blame the backlash on me.

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