UPDATE: Bach won't run


We asked the leading candidates what they thought of Bach not seeking another term. Their responses:

Attorney General John Suthers: "I want to take this time to thank Mayor Bach for stepping forward to take on the very challenging task of serving as the city's first strong mayor. He was obviously motivated by his love for the city and that was evidenced by the passion he showed in pursuing his agenda. He was by direction of the citizens a "change agent" and that is a difficult role to play. He has put into place many of the systems and processes that will make it easier for the next mayor. We should all be grateful for that"

El Paso County Commissioner Amy Lathen: "It has been an honor to serve alongside Mayor Bach during this first term of our strong mayor form of government. Under his leadership, many important initiatives have been launched, including City for Champions, and I appreciate his dedication and efforts in moving our city forward.”

Former Mayor Mary Lou Makepeace: "I thank Mayor Bach for his service and for taking on a new role as the city's first strong mayor. Now that he has made his announcement, we can begin to focus on the issues that matter to the voters for the upcoming election."

Former City Councilor Joel Miller: "He probably didn’t think he had the money to win. In my opinion, the same political aristocracy that calls the shots in this city, probably made the decision that Steve Bach shouldn’t run. And much of the same money that got Steve Bach elected four years ago is the money that’s backing John Suthers now. Those folks realized they needed to change the face of their special interests. I don’t think any candidate should require the blessing of any aristocracy to run for office in this city — that’s enough of a problem at the national level. As for me, I’m not running to represent only individuals and organizations who have the funds to donate heavily and further the status quo, I’m running to represent and serve all the people and make this great city an even better place to live, work, play and do business."

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This just in from the city communications office: Mayor Steve Bach will not seek a second term in office. The news release:

Bach won't have many more of these opportunities to hold news conferences. He won't seek a second term. - PAM ZUBECK
  • Pam Zubeck
  • Bach won't have many more of these opportunities to hold news conferences. He won't seek a second term.
Mayor Steve Bach announced today that he will not be a candidate for a second term in next April’s Municipal Election.

Mayor Bach is the City’s first “Strong Mayor” under the City’s new Charter, which voters approved in November 2010. He was elected to a four-year term on May 17, 2011, and took office on June 7, 2011. The new Charter changed the municipal government from a Council-Appointed City Manager form to a Council-Elected Mayor model similar to Denver, with the Mayor having broad operational responsibilities.

While he is eligible to run for a second four-year term, Mayor Bach said, “This spring will be the time for the next mayor to build on the positive direction of the City.” He added, “It has been a tremendous honor to serve my fellow citizens. My wife, Suzi, and I love Colorado Springs and believe in its future. We’re thankful for all of the City employees and volunteers who have achieved so much during our time. We’ll always be at the front of the parade of supporters for our City.”

With Jobs, Transforming City Government and Building Community as his focus, the Mayor has led numerous initiatives to improve Colorado Springs.
Others who say they'll run for the office include former Councilman Joel Miller, former Mayor Mary Lou Makepeace, Attorney John Suthers, and El Paso County Commissioner Amy Lathen.

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