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Ryan Hannigan went '70s at work today to celebrate the holiday. - GRIFFIN SWARTZELL
  • Ryan Hannigan went '70s at work today to celebrate the holiday.
Halloween rules. We hold this to be self-evident.

And like any other holiday, everyone has their own favorite holiday memories and traditions. We at the Indy compiled a few favorite halloween things for your reading pleasure. As you prepare for the evening, take a moment to share in our glee over this holiday.

1. What's your favorite halloween costume, childhood or all-time?

Arts editor Edie Adelstein: All my costumes were usually covered by coats, but the very last time my sister and I went out together we embraced the weather and were old country ladies, or babushkas or whatever.
Reporter Bryce Crawford: I hate Halloween, because I hate the pain in the ass that is dressing up, so my favorite costumes are the ones I don’t have to wear.

Music editor Bill Forman: Grim Reaper

Colorado Springs Business Journal graphic designer Ryan Hannigan: Elmo

Digital content coordinator Craig Lemley: Favorite costume childhood and all-time: Cowboy. It's cute when you're a kid (I dreamed of becoming a Flying W Wrangler) and simple as an adult. Just shave the beard into a handlebar stache, hat, boots donezo. The hardest part of the costume is sacrificing the beard.

Reporter J. Adrian Stanley: Josh and I were Eddie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous one year.

Freelance reporter Griffin Swartzell: I have a history of awesome Halloween costumes, but the 6-foot wings on the devil costume I made myself take the cake.

2. What was your favorite thing to get when you went trick-or-treating?
EA: The variety was the best! The smell of all that artificial sugar in our special plastic sacks — the anticipation of the gorging to come — is my favorite.

BC:  Full-size Snickers bars. And Nerds.

BF: Ebola

RH: Jelly Beans

CL: Whole bars of anything. Except Mounds and Almond Joys; I hate those.

JAS: Full-sized candy bars of any kind. 

GS: Anything full-sized, or Twix bars. But I never found the elusive full-sized Twix bar.

3. Speaking of which, how old is too old to trick-or-treat?
EA: Probably mid-teens, and that may be pushing it. I would do it now still if it didn’t mean taking candy that would otherwise go to children.

BC: Hm. If you’re old enough to wonder if you’re too old, you’re too old.

BF: 31

RH: 36

CL: When your "costume" includes a hoodie you wear on a regular basis.

JAS: Probably 13.

GS: Old enough to chaperone (and take a sugary fee, of course).

4. What's your favorite halloween movie?
EA: I just read this awesome essay about why Mulholland Drive is a great horror movie, but Halloween-specific, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

BC: HOCUS POCUS FOR LIFE. Otherwise, I also hate scary movies.

BFI Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (Dirk Campbell, 1990).

RH: Ernest Scared Stupid.

CLNightmare Before Christmas, because I don't like scary movies.

JASThe Shining.

GSThe Thing is disqualified because the monsters defy costuming. The Nightmare Before Christmas edges out Hellraiser.

5. And your favorite song for the season?
EA: No idea. I hadn’t even heard of "The Monster Mash" until high school.

BC: Nothing could be more elegant and timeless than "The Monster Mash." 

BF: "Happy" (Pharell Williams, 2013)

RH: There are such things as halloween songs?

CLTocatta and Fugue in D minor. Bach, baby.

JAS: "Thriller"?

GS: "Black No. 1" by Type O Negative.

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