Hey chef, this computer is smarter than you


As if chefs weren't already underpaid and undervalued (the money's always been in the front of the house, yo), now comes a new threat to their job security: IBM's Watson computer.
Tasteless meat? There's an app for that. - SHUTTERSTOCK
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  • Tasteless meat? There's an app for that.

As reported here by Industry Tap, IBM has teamed its smartypants system up with culinary school chefs to execute recipes that are apparently beyond the capabilities of most chefs to ever think up, ingredient-pairing wise. 

The article sites "mind-boggling recommendations for new dishes that are getting rave reviews." 

If it hasn't already been said by someone else, may I be the first to propose the new food classification: firmware-to-table. 

Industry Tap also notes a food truck traveling the nation with Watson's recipes — not sure if it is coming our way or not. But if it does, I say we gather an angry mob of culinarians and brandish our rolling pins and chef knifes and send it on its brilliant way. 

Actually, I'm kind of torn here. On one hand, this could create some amazing food that'll still need to be executed by capable hands. On the other hand, I believe in pushing creativity and the human imagination in ways that local chefs are already undertaking

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