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A couple of dumb clucks showed up, as promised, at the City Council meeting today to urge Council to encourage candidates running for Congress to publicly debate. Of course, Council has nothing to say about this issue. Nevertheless, Doug Carter said the community looks to Council members for leadership in community and political affairs. "Colorado Springs deserves at least one debate by those who want to represent us in Washington, D.C."

On cue, two people dressed as chickens came to the podium and tried to break into song, accompanied by a guitar, prompting Council President Keith King to say, "This is not permitted. This demonstration, we will not do. ... Would you please be finished?"

After which, a police officer escorted the pair out the door.

Meantime, we asked Rep. Lamborn's campaign for a reaction to the whole affair and heard back from campaign spokesman Jarred Rego: "Regrettably, this is further proof of the uncivil campaign Mr. Halter has been running and he should immediately disavow nonsensical, disrespectful, and empty name-calling stunts like this."

We've asked Halter's campaign for a comment to that, and haven't heard back. We'll update once again if and when we hear something.

———UPDATE POSTED TUESDAY, OCT. 14, 2014, 12:18 PM———

UPDATE: Doug Carter reports that paperwork was filed with the Secretary of State's Office by mailing it last week, but there's no such committee registered on the website as of now.

———ORIGINAL POST TUES., OCT. 14, 2014, 12:34 PM———

A shadow group that's blasting Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn for not debating his Democratic opponent, retired Air Force officer Irv Halter, has issued a news release calling him a chicken.

The release:
This logo appeared on a news release sent out by a PAC that so far has not filed paper work with state or federal agencies that oversee elections.
  • This logo appeared on a news release sent out by a PAC that so far has not filed paper work with state or federal agencies that oversee elections.
Colorado Springs Citizens For A Congressman Who Won’t Chicken Out, political action committee, seeks clear positions on important national issues from candidates seeking to represent us in Washington, D.C.

Last June, during a tough Republican primary, incumbent Congressman Doug Lamborn repeatedly pledged that he would debate his Democratic opponent,
retired Maj. Gen. Irv Halter, at a forum sponsored by The Gazette, the Independent and the Colorado Springs Business Journal.

The congressman has since “chickened out” of his promise.

The flock of chickens waving signs and passing out leaflets around town this week is part of the campaign urging Lamborn to debate.

We need a congressman who will fight for Fort Carson, our veterans and our community’s needs in Washington.  Colorado Springs Citizens For A Congressman Who Won’t Chicken Out is hosting a congressional debate.

We invite the media, the public, Halter and Lamborn to this debate from 4:30-5:30 p.m., Thursday, October 16, at the Penrose Library in the Carnegie Reading Room, 20 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs. (Light refreshments will be served.)

Our hope is the congressman will change his mind and participate, so his constituents can contrast and compare the two candidates seeking to represent us in Congress.

If Lamborn refuses to participate, a trained chicken will debate in his place.

In addition, a flock of chickens, along with a local businessman, will present during the public comment period at the start of today's City Council meeting.
Although the group claims the organization is a political action committee, we could find no filings with the Secretary of State's Office or the Federal Election Commission regarding the group.

Campaign finance laws require issue and candidate committees to register and report the receipt or spending of certain amounts of money. We have a call into the Secretary of State's Office to clarify if the Citizens for a Congressman organization should have filed or should in the future. We'll report back when we hear something.

Meantime, we're told Independent publisher John Weiss is involved with this PAC but when asked about his participation, he said, "I cannot tell a lie. Maybe I am and maybe I'm not."

The contact person for the group reportedly is Doug Carter, but Carter did not return the Indy's phone call. If he does, we'll circle back with his comments.

The group, with chicken in tow, is to appear before City Council at 1 p.m. today, although it's not clear why, since the Council has nothing to say about congressional races.

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