Medical marijuana: The red card is dead



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Though this change was apparently made Aug. 15, I only recently became aware, so if you're likewise in the dark here's the deal: That lovely over-sized, paper red-card in your wallet is soon to be no more, finally replaced with a plastic wallet-sized card colored a lovely purple.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which administers the Medical Marijuana Registry, says the new cards are more functional, and include:

• A new look with purple mountain hues and holographic images.
• Credit card size and shape to easily fit in a wallet.
• Durable, polymer material that is tear-resistant and holds ink permanently.
• Many security features to make it easier to identify the genuine product, including a glowing Colorado state seal that appears under black light.

A Reddit post offers mixed reaction from those who have received the new card: "Its not near as stiff as you would expect or want it to be. Its better than the old one tho," says one user, whose card looks like this. "Yes it is plastic. Thinnnn plastic. But plastic. I mean I've had blockbuster cards with more thickness than this thing. But it is plastic none the less. And should be somewhat easier to take care of."

From another: "A friend of mine who is a budtender told me he has seen them, and they are kind of flimsy and the letters can still rub off. But hell, that's how the rest of my health cards look. I'm just glad I can carry it in my wallet now and not look like a weirdo carrying my red card in my hand as I walk up to the dispensary and through the whole transaction. I don't want to fold it because it feels like that easily degrading social security card material. I think the purple card looks nice. And really, that's really the closest they could have gotten to the color of weed considering the 'green card' is already taken."

Replacement cards will still be printed on the current red-card format until supplies run out. "We anticipate this new design will significantly reduce the volume of replacement requests due to damaged or unreadable cards," says the department.

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