IPA drinkers: Try an IPL


By month's end, AC Golden Brewing Company, i.e. MillerCoors, should finish statewide (and only Colorado) distribution of its new Colorado Native label, the Colorado Native IPL, or India Pale Lager

Yes, that is a lager, as opposed to an ale, meaning the brew is fermented at a cooler temperature with bottom-fermenting yeasts for a longer time than a top-fermenting ale. "Consequently," explains a press release, "most lager yeasts also produce lower levels of the esters and fusel alcohols commonly found in ales." Meaning: "a cleaner flavor platform that allows the complex hop character of our IPL to shine through." 

To be more precise, the 6.5-ABV, 62-IBU brew, respectably made with 100-percent Colorado ingredients, utilizes Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, Nugget and Crystal hops and San Luis Valley-grown malts.  

Though I would disagree with the claim "we have, almost single handedly, created a market for Colorado-grown hops and a new category of agriculture for Colorado farmers and their families" — consider than Alamosa-based Colorado Malting Company has been growing in popularity since 2008 — I certainly applaud the mass-market local-ingredient effort. 

And though I do agree that the subtle difference in your basic IPA and this IPL does come in a slightly heavier aftertaste, I can only laugh at this seemingly sincere line from head brewer Jeff Nickel: "You'll be amazed at how quickly your palate cleans up, unlike some IPAs, which can leave you brushing your teeth several times the next morning."

OK, I have never done that. 

No friend I know of has ever done that. 

That's probably just not done, by anyone, anywhere, ever. 

Ahem ... 

Anyway, to NIckel's credit, the IPL does taste great. So cheers and drink local if you aren't going to support your nearby microbrewery — which does likely purchase some international ingredients, meaning a much wider carbon footprint than this entirely Colorado product. Even its bottle is made in Golden. 

A beer sample was sent to our office. We have no problem with this whatsoever. - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • A beer sample was sent to our office. We have no problem with this whatsoever.

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