Suthers on running for Colorado Springs mayor


Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, who recently announced his candidacy for Colorado Springs mayor, has a résumé that reads a bit like lawyer porn:

A graduate of University of Colorado Law School, Suthers has served as El Paso County's district attorney (and deputy district attorney, and chief deputy district attorney) for two terms; the head of the Colorado Department of Corrections; the U.S. Attorney for Colorado; the president of the El Paso County Bar Association; as a senior member of local law firm Sparks & Dix (now Sparks Willson Borges Brandt & Johnson, PC.); and, of course, as the Attorney General for Colorado.

But all that lawyering isn't necessarily good for anything when it comes to executing the will of the people. For more on that, we turn to a quick interview conducted by Westword with Suthers. Some highlights:

• "For example, as you know, I oppose marijuana legalization. I would likely oppose Colorado Springs setting up retail recreational marijuana. But if the voters say otherwise — I mean, this has been my life story [with Suthers once calling MMJ 'state-sanctioned fraud'] — I'll accept that quite quickly and begin implementing the law."

• "I think communication has been a serious problem down there. My management style would be much superior to what's taken place over the last several years. I think I have a pretty good sense of what the major problems are and what people are expecting."

• "The city's not resurfacing roads at the rate that most cities are able to do, and people want to find solutions for that. How to do that and still maintain the pretty low tax base that's historically been the case in El Paso County is tricky, but I think with creative thinking, it can be done."

• "I know the Colorado Springs Police Department very well. I think the average cop on the street, frankly, is better educated and a little more sophisticated than the average cop in Colorado."

• "I'm not going to do a formal kick-off until right after I leave office in January. And then I'm going to campaign full-time from January until April 7. If I'm successful, I'll be mayor. If I'm not, I'll take a lucrative law job."

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