Christo visits Arkansas River, final legal proceeding yet to be decided


Last month, Christo visited the site of what he hopes will be Over the River, one of his monumental artworks, and stopped elsewhere throughout the west to meet supporters.

As it stands today, Over the River has no announced exhibition dates. Court rulings embroiling the Bureau of Land Management and other state and federal entities (none against OTR Corp. directly) has prohibited further work from being done on the project. However, of the three legal proceedings, two have fallen in favor of OTR. The third has yet to be decided.

(For details on the suits from both sides, visit Over the River's webpage, and the ROAROTR's main opposition group — webpage.)

That didn't stop Christo from speaking about the project at the Albuquerque Museum of New Mexico, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver as well as sites in Salida and Cañon City. Christo spoke of OTR, as well as his project in the United Arab Emirates, The Mastaba, and along the way met with Governor John Hickenlooper and took a leisurely raft tour down the stretch of the river where OTR, should all go in his favor, will someday be.

Christo with Hick - VLADIMIR YAVACHEV, 2014
  • Vladimir Yavachev, 2014
  • Christo with Hick
  • Courtesy Over the River Corp

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