Duh: Colorado is full of Californians, Texans and New Yorkers



Other than New Yorkers, I have no idea who would want to move to California, but I know where Californians move: everywhere else, but especially, as anybody who has lived here for any amount of time can tell you, Colorado.

According to data showing population movement between states, compiled by the New York Times into a neat interactive feature, 6 percent of Coloradans were born in California according to 2012 numbers. With a state population of some 5.2 million people, that translates to around 312,000 ex-Golden Staters.

Texas, Illinois and New York all tied for second place, with 3 percentage points each. Of course, the largest majority of our population are Colorado natives, like yours truly: 42 percent.

Interestingly, the second largest portion of the state, 11 percent, hails from outside the U.S., a number that's sure to grow as demographics shift toward a population that will see white Americans become a minority race in about 30 years.

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