MountainShine draws closer to market


Following up on our reporting this past April about the launch of another Springs-area distillery, MountainShine, I heard from chef/distiller Victor Matthews yesterday, with news that he's finally received his DSP (Distilled Spirits Plant, via the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) certification. 

That means he's one big step closer to market. 

Since liquor laws tend to be a bit convoluted and confusing, I asked him to elaborate on what's left of the process, and here's what he said:

DSP-CO-20036 ... this means we are officially 36 in Colorado (that's all types, not just distilleries or whiskey, under new guidelines) and 3rd in this region. 291 is first and Axe in the Oak is 2nd, but only by one number and I will probably be to market faster.

It also means we are legal to produce and sell our product. Now we can take beautiful bourbon white dog, which we call MountainShine and flavor it with the freshest, most natural, most local fruits we can get. This means Colorado whenever possible (probably California in the winter) ... cherries, peaches, apples ... then a few weeks later we are ready to bottle.

There is one more step before being on the shelves and it is labeling. They make you get your label approved AFTER you have the DSP, so that you typically begin producing and by the time you are ready to bottle you can ... I am a little ahead of the curve and have the label done (it has certain legal requirements), so it will take maybe a month or so for that process. Once done, we are on shelves. BUT, I have the DSP, meaning I can give tastings and samples and take this time to line up my accounts. So, label approval application is in, while we wait for it we give samples and line up accounts. Have any interested liquor stores or bars contact me directly.

Meet the state's 36th licensed distillery. - COURTESY VICTOR MATTHEWS
  • Courtesy Victor Matthews
  • Meet the state's 36th licensed distillery.

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