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Themed chatrooms are nothing new, but the word from Gawker is that this one comes with a little more cannabis and little less penis. (This will make perfect sense to anybody who's ever been on Chatroulette.)

PuffPuffChat is a friendly place where you take the reddit terminology of putting your "high" in brackets — you and I both know you only got to [10] once and are still trying to get back — and then find a stranger to shoot the shit with, either over text or video.

Here's a bit of Gawker's take:
California is right: talking face-to-face is high-pressure, and it requires a lot of attention. The beauty of being high on the internet is that every time your mind wants to change directions, you've got a railroad switch readily available, and with PuffPuffChat set to text and tucked away somewhere in your browser, it's just one of many distractions available to you on your journey. Feel like warm vocal harmonies and fuzzy VHS recordings? Just follow the track marked "Fleetwood Mac performance videos" and send your chat buddy some vintage Second Hand News. Want to learn a thing or two about Swedish Americans while you're at it? The Wikipedia page for this vibrant and exciting demographic group is only a tab away. Did you know James Franco has a little Swede in him?
My first conversation entailed me talking to myself, so I bailed, but my second, shown above, brought me to a similarly [0] person, a videographer in New York City, apparently. Fun little time.


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