Colorado forms board to spend marijuana research money



As we reported back in November, the state of Colorado is set to pump millions of dollars into marijuana research into the next five years through a grant program that would fund studies between one- and three-years long.

The recently signed Senate Bill 155 says this research is needed because, "Research on the therapeutic effects of marijuana and its component parts could benefit thousands of Coloradans who suffer from additional debilitating medical conditions that do not respond to conventional treatments and are not currently permissible medical conditions for medical marijuana use." One example of this might be looking at cannabis' effect on post-traumatic stress disorder, which the Colorado Board of Health has repeatedly declined to add to the list of ailments considered treatable with MMJ.

Anyway, this $9 million in research money needs to be spent with intent, so the state has created a 14-member Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council, "from numerous respected organizations and parts of the community who have expertise as specified in statute regarding the scientific substance and methods of research and/or familiarity with the uses of medical marijuana."

The group is set to meet for the first time in Denver on Friday, Aug. 29, from 8 a.m. until noon.

Of course, because this is marijuana, there's in-fighting. One of the group members is Teri Robnett, a board member with Colorado NORML who recently received its Most Valuable Advocate Award. But Robnett's not somebody Kathleen Chippi, another northern advocate currently who's no stranger to litigation, thinks should be involved.

"I ONLY HATE PEOPLE WHO ATTACK (or support the attack of) patients/caregivers/doctors/activists/voters intent," Chippi writes on Facebook. "I'm still trying to figure out why you and NORML, MPP, DPA, NCIA, ASA SSDP, LEAP and the lobbyists/'industry' HATE it when a handful of us are fighting for a fair playing filed for all and REAL LEGALIZATION for EVERYONE."

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