Permaculture: Using all this rain wisely


So, how did your yard perform during all the recent deluges? 

Did your soil or mulch run off? Have you noticed the general flow of water on your property? Did you end up with giant useless puddles away from your trees and plants?

Okay, that's enough questions for this early in the day. (Some of us are still on our first coffee.) But if the above queries have you thinking that you could be utilizing the cloud tears that fall freely on your yard in a more mindful and utilitarian manner, this post is for you, because the folks at Pikes Peak Permaculture — whom we noted in our recent feature about Earthships — are hosting a $15 Rainwater Harvesting Presentation and Workshop on Saturday, July 26, from 3 to 6 p.m. at Care and Share Food Bank

Here's the event description:
A presentation on the Brad Lancaster methods of rainwater harvesting LEGALLY! Recharge your soil with rainwater. Solve erosion problems. Learn about hugelkultur and raingardens. Do it for your trees. We will begin with an illustrated slide lecture and follow up with hands-on swaling demonstration. Dress for dirt loving fun. Bring your water bottle, hat, garden gloves and shoes.
Email or for more information. 

It's coming down in sheets, so you may as well use it wisely. - COURTESY SHUTTERSTOCK
  • Courtesy Shutterstock
  • It's coming down in sheets, so you may as well use it wisely.

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