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Group emphases social and health costs of keeping Drake online. - FILE PHOTO
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  • Group emphases social and health costs of keeping Drake online.
A list of business owners has been submitted to the Colorado Springs Utilities Board for consideration in the debate surrounding when to decommission the coal-fired Drake Power Plant downtown.

Leslie Weise, one of those business owners, wrote this message to the board today:
Dear Council Members Bennett and Snider,
Please find the attachments that were submitted to the CSU Board at yesterday's meeting by both Jim Riggins and myself.

Included as an attachment is a summary of various quantifications by respected entities regarding the social and health costs of coal fired power generation.

Also included are the names of the 36 business leaders who have endorsed the March 20, 2014 letter to CSU Board and Jerry Forte expressing support for consideration of a short term decommissioning of Drake pursuant to the findings of the HDR Study.

I would like to repeat my requests that:
a) these names be added in the public input process methodology,
b) that a full tally of the inputs be provided on the Drake Task Force website or at the next CSU Board meeting, and
c) a reporting of how this input will be used during the Drake Decommissioning decision making process as it currently stands overall at greater than 2 to 1 in favor of a shorter term decommissioning of the Martin Drake plant.

Thank you for your consideration.
Leslie Weise
Utilities Board Vice-Chair Andy Pico noted to colleagues that the board had received an "overwhelming amount of recent email" that by his count is running 3-1 in favor of keeping Drake on line longer to keep electric rates low.

In any event, the business owners argue there are real economic costs associated with continuing to burn coal. Here are the documents the group submitted to the board:

See related PDF Indirect_Costs_of_Coal.pdf See related PDF Drake_letter_May_2014_3f.pdf See related PDF Signatories_for_Drake_Business_letter_2nd_submission_July_16_2014.pdf

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