Traffic fine revenue plunges in Springs


Not as much of this going on as it used to in Colorado Springs. - CHRIS YARZAB
  • Chris Yarzab
  • Not as much of this going on as it used to in Colorado Springs.

An audit released last month shows that the city's revenue from municipal court fines — largely traffic and parking tickets — took a plunge from 2008 to 2013.

In 2008, revenue exceeded $8 million; last year, revenue totaled only $4.4 million. The auditor's office found that the chief reason for this decline was that cops aren't writing as many speeding tickets: 28,250 in 2008 compared to 12,748 last year.

This is important, because it's a source of revenue for the city to spend providing services every year. 

Causes for the reduction in fine revenue, according to auditors:
There were several possible reasons for the decline in fine revenue which we considered and have discussed in further detail below.
 Change in police enforcement philosophy
 Number of citations issued
 Prosecutorial discretion
 Judicial discretion
 Amount of fine revenue per citation
There's some pretty interesting findings in the audit, which you can read in full here:
See related PDF Municipal_Court_audit.pdf

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