Coming soon: The Mezzanine


Performance art just got a new space to grow, and that space just happens to be downtown behind one of the busiest nightclubs in the city.

Outwardly, that probably sounds a little incongruous, but the Mezzanine is here to prove that both can exist in the same place.

The Mezz sits behind the Mansion — where the city's historic opera house once stood — with a backdoor alley entrance.

The endeavor comes in part from benefactors Sam and Kathy Guadignoli with the Colorado Springs Conservatory. The space will open on July 10 with a performance of the two-person musical, The Last Five Years, which will run through July 16, with music at 9 p.m. on weekends. Future shows, per the presser, "sophisticated programming for ages 21 and up," will include all types of performance art — "live jazz, classical chamber music, theater, burlesque, literary art, and more" — offering possibilities for audience members to broaden their own artistic tastes and for artists to gain performing experience.

"The concept was born out of the fusion between our passion for artistic sustainability in Colorado Springs, and a generous donation of a historical downtown space," one of the programming directors, Stephen Ochsner, says.

There is a catch. The Mezz will be a membership-only venue, with the lowest bracket costing $25 per month. Summer is its soft-opening period, open to the public through Oct. 1 (but you'll need reservations for shows.)

For more on the Mezz, here's a video breaking it all down, with even more information on upcoming shows on its website and Facebook page.

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