County to consider new term limits for sheriff, DA


Sheriff Terry Maketa
  • Sheriff Terry Maketa
In the wake of a scandal involving three-term El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, the El Paso County Commissioners are considering asking voters to limit both the sheriff and the 4th Judicial District Attorney to two terms. 

The Commissioners, you may remember, convinced voters to give them three terms a few years ago with a misleading ballot question. Citizens were angry following its passage, and the Commissioners eventually gave in and asked the question again. Voters limited them to two terms.

Board to Consider Term Limits Ballot Questions
Proposed Questions Would Reduce Terms for Sheriff and District Attorney

El Paso County, CO, June 27, 2014 – This coming Tuesday, July 1, 2014, the Board of El Paso County Commissioners will hear comments and discussion on two proposed questions for the November ballot. The two questions under consideration on Tuesday would reduce the number of consecutive terms in office that could be served by individuals elected to offices of the District Attorney and County Sheriff.

El Paso County voters have previously established limits for the offices of El Paso County Sheriff and Fourth Judicial District Attorney at three consecutive four year terms. If the Commissioners determine that these two should be added to the November ballot and they are subsequently approved by voters, each of those offices would be limited to two consecutive four year terms.

The Board of County Commissioners has adopted rules which require a minimum of two public hearings before making a decision to place a question on the ballot for voter consideration. Tuesday’s meeting will be the first hearing on these two proposals. A second hearing date for these proposals has not been set.

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