Colorado marijuana is going great



Today, the New York City-based Drug Policy Alliance issued a six-month status report on how Colorado's marijuana experiment is working out. The above image hits all the high points, but here's a little more:
• Crime rates are down in Denver, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting data. There has been a
10.1% decrease in overall crime from 2013 and a 5.2% drop in violent crime.

• According to the state’s department of revenue, the first four months of legal marijuana sales have resulted in $10.8 million in taxes.

• Amendment 64 removed criminal penalties for certain marijuana-related offenses. According to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, the state could save an estimated $12-40 million over the span of a year by reducing criminal penalties.

• Gov. Hickenlooper signed a bill that will provide $10 million for research into the medical efficacy of marijuana.

• Gov. Hickenlooper compared Colorado’s economy since legalization to that of other states by noting, “While the rest of the country’s economy is slowly picking back up, we’re thriving here in Colorado.”
On a separate note, the Colorado Department of Revenue recently tested dispensaries in Denver and Pueblo by seeing if they would sell pot to a minor. With 100-percent compliance, not one did.

“The Division prides itself on ensuring public safety," says Lewis Koski, director of the Marijuana Enforcement Division, in a release. "We are pleased with the results and will continue to monitor the businesses to ensure that the compliance efforts are maintained."

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