Funny short from Indie Spirit Film Fest alum available free online


In the spring of 2012, I reviewed a handful of films ahead of that year's Indie Spirit Film Festival

One of them was Missed Connections, a likable "anti-rom-com" as I called it. The filmmakers, who I later met at one of the fest's social gatherings, said they very much liked that categorization, as they clearly lead with an off-color sense of humor and mid-level vulgarity, certainly not seeking a cloyingly sappy tone to that twisted love story. 

I just heard from the same crew yesterday that a new short film from director Eric Kissack is now available, having won the audience award for Best Short Film at the recent LA Film Fest. A few Missed Connections actors also appear in The Gunfighter, and it was co-cast by Missed Connections co-star Dorien Davies.  

Basically a spoof constructed entirely around a "bloodthirsty" omniscient narrator that all the characters can hear, it's well-shot and quite humorously written, and totally worth about nine minutes of your time. 

Check it out here (in full-screen mode, of course):

The Gunfighter from Eric Kissack on Vimeo.

'Where in the hell is that voice coming from?!' - COURTESY ERIC KISSACK
  • Courtesy Eric Kissack
  • 'Where in the hell is that voice coming from?!'

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