Coming in October: Arts Month


This morning, before an impressive crowd that included members of the press, local artists, representatives from dozens of arts organizations, the Downtown Partnership and council member Jan Martin, Andy Vick of COPPeR unveiled a huge upcoming initiative: Arts Month.

Vick spoke at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center on a stage currently outfitted for Floyd and Clea Under the Western Sky, outlining plans for October that include brand-new events and a new way of promoting local arts.

Piggybacking off a national movement that sets aside the tenth month for "collective recognition of the importance of culture in America," Arts Month meets a goal set in COPPeR's Cultural Plan drafted in 2010 of further engaging the public in the arts and promoting collaboration on all levels.

Details are still forthcoming, but there will be an Arts Month kick-off party on Sept. 27, and a brand new choral concert featuring eight groups performing at the Pikes Peak Center on Oct. 19. COPPeR's Business and Arts Luncheon is set for Oct. 7, and the Pikes Peak Arts Council has moved its annual awards ceremony to October as well, slated for the 15th. In addition, the Fort Collins-based Arts Incubator of the Rockies will hold a workshop on all these topics of arts engagement and collaborations Oct. 24-26.

Vick hopes to get as much involvement as possible, offering marketing tools and help from his office to any interested parties. However, he's keeping expectations realistic for the first year. "Frankly, I think it's important for us in the Pikes Peak region to get our stuff together first," he said in response to a question about expanding programming and advertising to Denver and beyond. "Baby steps is the way I see it."

Further, Vick emphasized that he welcomes participation on any level, and that anyone is welcome to contribute, even if only including the Arts Month logo on a newsletter. It'll all be easily accessible at

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