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Candidate for El Paso County treasurer, Duncan Bremer, has spent more in campaign funds than he's taken in, according to the latest campaign finance report on file with the Secretary of State's Office.

The report shows Bremer, a former county commissioner from 1995 to 2003, has brought in $32,293.50, plus another $1,000 from a loan, but spent $36,955.56, leaving a deficit of $3,662.06.

Here's the pertinent part of Bremer's campaign finance report:


Primary election opponent Mark Lowderman, now in his second term as county assessor, is puzzled about the negative balance. He says he doesn't know how a candidate can spend more than they take in, but he points out it can't be a good business practice, especially for someone who wants to handle the county's hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money.

Lowderman has raised $35,033.66 in contributions and spent $28,224.49, leaving a balance of $6,809.17.

We're waiting to hear back from the Bremer campaign. Meantime, the Clerk and Recorder's Office issued information for election day returns:
The Clerk and Recorder’s Office will release the initial batch of results around 7:01 PM-7:05 PM tomorrow evening. The initial batch of results will include all ballots cast and counted from June 2 through June 23. The Clerk and Recorder’s Office plans to update the initial results at approximately 7:30 PM and every hour thereafter (on or about the half hour, i.e. 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 PM, etc.) throughout the evening until all results have been tabulated. The subsequent final unofficial results will likely take hours to tabulate as each Voter Service and Polling Center and ballot drop-off location will need to be closed out, the ballots delivered to the Citizens Service Center, and the ballots processed and counted. Some ballot drop-off locations are as far away as Calhan and Ellicott to the east.

Results will be released on the Clerk and Recorder’s website, under the “2014 Primary Election Unofficial Results” tab that will be towards the top of the page. The results of the contested primaries will be posted on the top of the results page. Results for contested races also will be posted on Twitter at @ClerkEPC and Facebook.


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