UPDATE: Maketa outs anonymous source


UPDATE: The Board of County Commissioners chair Dennis Hisey has released a statement in reaction to Maketa's release yesterday reported below.
We are in receipt of your press release issued today at 3:35 p.m.

Statements such as these represent your individual opinions and decisions and are not sanctioned or condoned by El Paso County of the Board of County Commissioners. Media releases of this sort are unacceptable and serve only to underscore the ongoing disruptions to operations as well as the lack of leadership within EPSO. Additionally, they further erode confidence in your ability to lead as Sheriff, and are not in the best intereests of El Paso County, its employees and the taxpayers. 
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We're not interested in getting into a duel with another publication for the latest development in the saga of Sheriff Terry Maketa, but here's a couple of tidbits.

This just came from the sheriff's office, suggesting the source of the daily newspaper's story today has other reasons to fear reprisal besides speaking to the media:
Maketa releases name of newspaper's anonymous source. - FILE PHOTO
  • File photo
  • Maketa releases name of newspaper's anonymous source.
Recent reports in the media have suggested Sheriff Maketa ordered “morale meetings” or Staff Inspections for the purpose of discussing morale. A female deputy who wished to remain anonymous in the media provided comments to Gazette reporter Dave Philipps where she spoke of a meeting she was in and offered her own comments to the reporter about her experiences which affect her morale.

The female deputy is identified as Kerry Linfoot who has been with the Sheriff’s Office since February 2010. During that time, she has been the subject of IA investigations involving nine incidents of policy violations, five of which were sustained. She admitted in the meeting she is not an advocate of the Office. Coincidentally, she is engaged to marry Sergeant Mike Schaller who recently filed an EEOC complaint against the Office; he is currently the subject of a sexual harassment complaint. Deputy Linfoot’s IA History:
See related PDF Deputy_Linfoot_IA_History.pdf
The meeting was part of a Staff Inspection where numerous topics were discussed and deputy job knowledge was evaluated. In speaking with the IA Sergeant who conducted the inspection, operational morale was one of numerous topics discussed and the topic the least amount of time was spent on; this was true during discussions with all three patrol shifts.

Per Sheriff’s Office policy 211, Staff Inspections are scheduled and conducted by the Internal Affairs Unit. There is a systematic process to the scheduling of the inspections, with units coming due for another inspection approximately every three years. For your review, the Staff Inspection schedule for 2012 through 2017 is provided, as is policy 211.

Staff Inspection reports are forwarded to the Bureau Chief level for review so the respective Chief can consider any necessary changes, training needs and fiscal impacts. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement (CALEA). Staff Inspections and Line Inspections are a requirement under CALEA standards 53.2.1 and 53.1.1 and date back to Sheriff Anderson’s administration. These standards are provided for your review.

Maketa tells us it seems to be open season for anyone with problems in their record to turn around and file a complaint against his office.

"Anyone who's in trouble files an EEOC complaint," Maketa says in an interview. "They're jumping on the band wagon."

In another development, there's an e-mail circulating without names:
Sheriff Maketa,

It is with great sadness that we sign this letter to you. After you were elected you had over 2 pages of goals to accomplish during your term(s). You stated you had met/exceeded all those goals. Congratulations! No one can EVER take that away from you. You served many of us well for many years. We can't list all of your accomplishments and successes. The 2 big ones that come to mind, are the handling of the Black Forest Fire and getting 1A passed in a tough economy. Good work! Unfortunately, things went very wrong.

This letter is not signed by "disgruntled" employees. It is signed by people who believed in you, supported you financially and were very loyal to you for many years. No one on this list has anything to gain by your resignation. We just collectively want what is best for the Office. We don't believe everything we read in the newspaper, but we do believe, because you said in the video, that you lied. That alone, has brought discredit and embarassment to the Office. That alone discredits one of the words printed on your badge. We implore you to do the right thing. That's what we want to remember you for. 
Maketa says he doesn't know who's behind the letter, which was forwarded to him by a retiree who wanted him to know about it.

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