More fracking initiatives approved for petition gathering


The Colorado Secretary of State's Office has approved more initiatives aimed at the oil and gas industry for petition gathering.

We wrote about the first four initiatives that were approved for signature gathering here. Of those, three were pro-industry and one is aimed at changing the state's entire system of government. The six initiatives that were just approved, in contrast, are all aimed at reining in the oil and gas industry. Some are being supported by deep-pocketed State Representative Jared Polis.

Here's how they break down:

• Initiatives 85-88 would all create setbacks for oil and gas development. 

• Initiative 89 is the broadest of the new initiatives. It would create an environmental bill of rights that allows local communities to set and enforce more restrictive environmental laws than the state. It specifies that those laws could apply to oil and gas development, including fracking.

• Initiative 90 would give control over the oil and gas industry to local governments, meaning the state would not be able to intervene should a city ban fracking. 

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