Ted Haggard criticizes handling of Sheriff Maketa controversy


If you’ve been waiting for New Life Church founder Ted Haggard to weigh in on the current Sheriff Maketa controversy, the wait is over.

Banished from his own church in 2006, the scandal-ridden pastor has been preaching the gospel of tolerance ever since. In a blog posted last week titled “Should Sheriff Maketa Resign?” Haggard likens Maketa’s treatment in the press to his own.

“[Media outlets] influence us to the point that we wrongly believe we know enough about a subject to have an informed opinion,” writes Haggard. “However, many of us who have had first hand knowledge of a situation and then contrast the facts we know with news accounts, too often, find the press inept."

For those who haven’t been following the story, the El Paso County sheriff is being investigated for allegations of giving preferential treatment to subordinates with whom he's accused of having intimate relations. In a video distributed to sheriff's office employees over the weekend, and made public by the Gazette, Maketa admitted to having "engaged in inappropriate behavior in the past," but said again that he has no intention of resigning.

Haggard's post (written before that video came out) essentially cautions against a rush to judgment. Besides editorials calling for the sheriff to resign, which have appeared in both the Gazette and the Indy’s sister publication, the Colorado Springs Business Journal, county commissioners last week asked Maketa to step down.

“Once the facts are established, we all support accountability and justice,” he writes. “We have a system for that, but if we are not careful, we all might unintentionally participate in the dismantling of that system by returning to, in effect, lynch mobs. Even if the accused is guilty, shouldn’t someone protect them from the crowd until the facts are established?”

You can read the blog in its entirety here.

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