The Modbo turns 5, and proves size doesn't matter


"Repose" (study) - BRETT ANDRUS
  • Brett Andrus
  • "Repose" (study)

June marks the fifth anniversary of the Modbo, which, according to owners Brett and Lauren Andrus, is "132 in gallery years."

Which means a month's worth of activities, beginning with the opening of Brett's two-gallery solo show Hypothesis on June 6.

Andrus' 37-piece exhibit is all new work, spanning large-scale oil paintings that are his usual forte, as well as numerous small-scale works and multimedia sketches and studies. This is a new venture, and thus the title of the show.

(And for the shopper/patron in you, smaller also means affordable.)

His subjects are still a unique mix of women, often tangled up with one another, or in the cords of a vacuum or other household appliance, and birds. The drawings strike me as very Summer of the SwansConstantinos Coconis-style; Andrus sites Egon Schiele, Kent Williams and Jenny Saville as inspirations.

"The Builder" (study) - BRETT ANDRUS
  • Brett Andrus
  • "The Builder" (study)
"The Builder" - BRETT ANDRUS
  • Brett Andrus
  • "The Builder"
"I felt the trembling ghost of Sparky Williams" - BRETT ANDRUS
  • Brett Andrus
  • "I felt the trembling ghost of Sparky Williams"

The opening on First Friday will start at 5:30 p.m. and feature live music from Eros and Eschaton as well as a surprise live performance of some kind. You'll have to be there to find out.

June 14 marks the actual birthday, and for that, the Andruses are kicking off this year's Acacia Park music series  with a series of five bands playing behind the Modbo in "rapid and rotating succession" and each covering a songs from another band. Simultaneous shows will also happen in the Acacia band shell and behind Berkshire Hathaway.

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