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We get a decent amount of unsolicited books sent monthly to the Indy, some fiction works sporting protagonists with really terrible names, as if they were spit out of some silly online name generator. 

Those we laugh at and relegate to a shelf. Once or twice I've seen the shelf-books used to raise a computer monitor higher on a desk, or some other utilitarian task that'd certainly make the author sad. 

But we're not always awful people. Sometimes we find joy, even if it be momentarily, inside the bindings of other books, a few of which might actually reach a formal review. 

I flagged a couple of incomers as worth sharing with you here, if for no other reason because they appeal close to my own interests. So, here goes:

Monday, June 2, the American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Colorado releases, by author Ted Floyd and photographer Brian E. Small. 

It boasts 500 photos, "tips on when and where to see each species," plus "birdsong text" and several odd and amusing bird names that are as chuckle-worthy as said aforementioned bad book protagonists. Like: a Bufflehead, Bobolink and Dickcissel. Here's some sample pages. 

  • Scott & Nix Inc.

Just in today, and already available as of May 8, we have Extending the Table: Recipes and Stories from Afghanistan to Zambia in the Spirit of More-With-Less (A World Community Cookbook), by Joetta Handrich Schlabach. 

It's a revised edition of an original 1991 release, with nearly 100 countries featured, added recipes and more photos, and royalties from the work go toward "global relief, peace, and community efforts through [Mennonite Central Committee]."

Some pages feature small stories, almost like fun-facts, such as how a particular culture tends to bless its food prior to eating, or details about a particular ingredient. Here's a sample selection:

  • Herald Press


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